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Copyrights & Trademarks

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Third Party Information

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This is not Medical Advice

All material and content on this website is provided for your information only and may not be understood and not intended as substitute for medical advice, nutrition advise, instructions or guidance for any other matter. Consult a doctor before making any health changes, specifically any changes related to a specific diagnosis, disease or condition. Readers should consult appropriate health professionals on any matter relating to their health and well-being. Do not take anything from this website without proper research and medical supervision from qualified professionals.

Information and opinions expressed here are believed to be accurate, based on the best judgement available to the authors.  Readers who fail to consult with appropriate health authorities assume the risk of any injuries or health issues. In addition, the information and opinions expressed here do not necessarily reflect the views of every contributor to eatandconnect.com. eatandconnect.com welcomes the exchange of different viewpoints. The owner/publisher of this website is not responsible for errors or omissions.

Submission Material

You warrant that you own all rights in your content or you have the Rights and Permissions from the appropriate party to display the content on this Website. You will pay all license fees and other financial obligations that come up from the use of your content.

If you submit, disclose, or offer any recipe, content, comment, or any submitted item to eatandconnect.com you by this means grant eatandconnect.com an irrevocable, nonexclusive, permanent, worldwide, royalty-free right and license to use and freely to sub license, display, reproduce, change, publish, transmit, distribute, make copied works of submissions, and commercially and non-commercially use your submitted content and items and all copyright, trademark, or other intellectual property rights within, in any manner or means now existing or developed in the future. This includes, but not limited to digital, film, print, audio, advertisement, and so on. You also agree that you do not request compensation of any kind to you or any third party. This also includes our right to translate your submissions to any language.

You also warrant that all photos, images submitted for a recipe are taken by you for the recipe you have submitted.  You guarantee that the photo / image you submit accurately displays and represents the recipe you have submitted.  The photo / image must not be taken from another website or another party.

You validate your content is not defamatory and does not misappropriate, violate privacy, copyright, trade mark or any intellectual property rights, or other legal or moral rights to the third party. When requested by eatandconnect.com, you will take any further action requested by eatandconnect.com to, but not limited to, confirm the license, provide necessary details, or the license granted to your submitted content and items.

In order to post content on the Website, you must complete the registration form. You should not share your login information with anyone unless you are a minor in which case you can share them with your legal guardians. Your contact information must be accurate and updated. We will contact you through your email if we have any questions on your submissions; therefore, it is important your contact information is updated.

eatandconnect.com has no obligation to display your content. You can not edit or delete your submissions through the site. You can contact us and we will review your request and take the necessary actions that we believe should be taken. We will also immediately remove any content at any time. Publication of any submitted item is at the sole discretion of eatandconnect.com. We will display your display name for your submissions. By submitting content or information you hereby grant eatandconnect.com the Right and Permission to use your display name for any submissions you make to eatandconnect.com.

By submitting content to eatandconnect.com, you are granting eatandconnect.com an irrevocable, nonexclusive, permanent, worldwide, royalty-free right and license to use and freely display / publish your content including recipes on social media accounts belonging to eatandconnect.com.


You are granted a limited, nonexclusive right to create a link to the homepage or inside pages of this Website provided such links do not portray eatandconnect.com or any of its products and services in a false, misleading, ambiguous, offensive, or defamatory way. This right to link may be cancelled at any time. You may not frame any part of eatandconnect.com unless you have written permission from us.

eatandconnect.com is also not responsible for information that may not be accurate from third parties. We provide various advertisements for third parties, but we are not responsible or liable for the advertisements accuracy and the third parties sites availability of the products and services.

User Conduct and Prohibited Content

All interactive areas in the Website shall be used only for non-commercial purposes. You are solely liable for any material you submit to eatandconnect.com.com You are not allowed to upload, post or publish any harmful material that we consider invasive of privacy and public rights, intellectual property rights, illegal, vulgar, pornographic, defamatory, harassing others, abusive in any way or other type of objectionable material. You can not impersonate any person or organization and it is also prohibited to misrepresent your association with individuals and organizations. You are not allowed to publish or post material that might be considered a criminal offense. You may not spam, send junk mail, and make unsolicited promotions to our Website and users. You must not upload or try to disseminate any material with viruses or other harmful material to our users and Website.

Limitation of Liability and Indemnification

By using this Website, you agree to defend, indemnify and hold harmless eatandconnect.com and its officers, directors, employees, attorneys, affiliates, suppliers, and licensors from and against any and all disputes, claims and damage costs and expenses related to any claim related to your use of the Website or any materials or submissions you make. This indemnification includes, but not limited to claims by a third party that any submissions violate third party’s rights and interests.

Removal, Disclosure and Termination of Use

We may at any time and at our discretion remove and destroy submissions made to this Website that we consider inappropriate or might subject eatandconnect.com to any liabilities. We may use and disclose any information about your use of the Website to the party permitted by law in order to comply with laws. eatandconnect.com has the right without a notice to you, to remove your submissions, terminate your membership or block you from using our website without notice.


eatandconnect.com’s website is used at your sole discretion without guarantees of any kind. eatandconnect.com may refer to some products, health information or other information by their trademark, supplier, and manufacturer but does not imply endorsement, sponsorship or make recommendations of products or services.

The Website does not guarantee the material to be complete, correct, or error free. eatandconnect.com.com does not guarantee the website or the servers used for it are free of viruses or harmful elements

Copyright Infringements

Copyright right complaints will be taken very seriously and should be immediately addressed to eatandconnect.com at the contact us page.

Complaints need to have complaining party’s email, their organization, telephone number, email and details of the complaint.

At our discretion, we may send a notice of a claim of copyright violations to users by a notice on our Website, or send an email to users whose e-mail addresses are provided in our records. We also have the discretion to terminate membership of users to our Website who violate copyright laws.

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