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We have developed the Privacy Policy to let you know about how we use the personal information you provide us on eatandconnect.com either when you register or visit eatandconnect.com via eatandconnect.com login or via social media login (ie Facebook)

When we mention the “Website” in the Privacy Policy, we are referring to eatandconnect.com. The word “material” repeatedly used in our website is referring to content, submission, services, and all information related to your submissions. The term “You” is referring to “the user” of cookican.com

The Privacy Policy is integrated to the Terms of Use in eatandconnect.com. The Privacy Policy discusses the information we collect about our users.

Modifications to the Privacy Policy

We may make changes or additions to our Privacy Policy when we add new features and information. You should visit our Privacy Policy when you visit our website to make sure you are updated with any changes.

Personal Information that We Collect

During the registration process to eatandconnect.com, you will be asked to provide personal information in order to complete your registration. This information includes your email. You will be asked to create a username and password for cookican.com and to provide other personal information about yourself, to help us better customize and provide new features and services.  The information we collect in registration also helps us to know the types and interests of our users.  Note that when you sign in via any of the social media platforms offered at the sign in page (ie Facebook), we will automatically receive information such as your gender, location, hometown, etc.  This type of information is not to identify you but to help us better understand our user profile so that we can provide content of interest to them.


We will also use cookies to understand our users to offer a more personalized experience.


You should always sign off on public computers and not choose the option “remember me”. We will not ask for passwords in an email, you should consider such requests fraudulent.

We do our best to secure our system and safe guard all personal information on our website, but one should always know that machines are not foolproof, even if maximum security measures are taken. We take our best measures to protect your information and have our team follow policies and procedures.

We are responsible for our website; we are not responsible of external inks or Third Party websites. You should review their Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.


The information we collect will be used to offer a more personalized material and advertisements. eatandconnect.com and our partners may use this registration information to provide you updates of changes, new content features, and new services. We will not sell, rent or lease any of our users information. We will occasionally contact you to let you know about new features, updates or provide notices.

We will also send you messages in regards to confirming personal information, providing more details on submissions or any other important information we may need from you.

If you want to make changes to your submissions or edits, you will need to contact us. We can also make deletions of your submissions in some circumstances.

Contact us

Contact us at  if you have questions about the Privacy Policy and the Terms and Conditions of Use or you if you would like to report anything.