We are three sisters who have beautiful childhood memories of going to our grandmother’s house (May her soul rest in peace) and eating delicious delicacies which infused us with joy and love. This feeling is what we want to keep alive – home cooking that comes from the heart. We have fond memories of our grandmother and mother watching us eat their food with joy, and that would make them feel more joyous then eating the food themselves. This love for eating good food and cooking for others is so beautiful and needs to be preserved and reinforced in our daily busy lives.

Cook I Can (cookican.com) was born out of hope. Out of a job and bubbling with creative thoughts, the founder started collecting favorite home recipes. Working endless hours and logging recipes and creating videos, it became a healthy obsession. However, after many distractions and starting a new job, it was put on the sidelines. Remarkably, many years later, it called itself back into existence!

We want people to be able to log onto cookican.com and find exactly what they were looking for instead of searching all over the web. The website has an awesome new look, with each recipe carefully detailing the ingredients and exact measurements needed to create each original, authentic dish.  The steps are easy to follow for both the aspiring beginner and experienced cook.  We explain what you need to do without skipping or assuming you’ll know what to do on your own.

We live in an era where time is fleeting and we have to intentionally slow down the pace of life to really enjoy every moment, especially with cooking. The more love we put into cooking, the more delicious the food becomes! We hope that this website can help you slow down at least a few times a week, connect to the blessings of food and enjoy cooking a meal for you and your loved ones. Eating and cooking is essential for our health, it can stimulate our senses, connect us to the bounties of nature, and bring people together in peace and harmony. This synergy of peace will illuminate you and everyone around you.

To your health and success!